A winter engagement session in San Juan, Puerto Rico

In the enchanting city of San Juan, Puerto Rico, Michael and Ashley embarked on a romantic engagement session against the backdrop of cobblestone streets and Christmas vibes. The perfect December setting created a magical atmosphere for the couple to celebrate their love in the heart of Old San Juan. I was thrilled to get an email from Michael who was secretly planning this surprise engagement session for his fiance, Ashley. After a few emails back and forth we finalized on a date and he gave her the best surprise. I was over the moon that I was going to capture their love story at one of the most beautiful and romantic cities I've ever visited. And yes, I am bias, because Puerto Rico is home for me so I loved taking this break from the cold Connecticut winter.

Old San Juan, with its rich history and vibrant colors, served as the idyllic canvas for Michael and Ashley's engagement session. The cobblestone streets, adorned with the charm of colonial architecture, provided a timeless and romantic setting. The festive air of December added an extra layer of magic, turning the entire city into a winter wonderland that perfectly complemented the couple's joyous occasion.

Taking full advantage of the Christmas vibes, Michael and Ashley's engagement session was a visual feast of holiday cheer. The streets adorned with twinkling lights, festive decorations, and the scent of seasonal delights in the air set the stage for a celebration of love amidst the enchanting winter backdrop. Every step on the cobblestone streets became a memory etched in the festive spirit of the season.

The engagement session captured candid moments of laughter, stolen glances, and the undeniable connection between the couple. Against the charming architecture and the festive ambiance, the celebration of their love unfolded like a storybook romance.

Michael and Ashley's engagement session in San Juan, Puerto Rico, epitomized the magic of love in a warm winter wonderland of the beautiful enchanted island. The cobblestone streets of Old San Juan, adorned with Christmas vibes, provided the perfect backdrop for their romantic celebration. As the couple walked hand in hand, surrounded by the historic charm and festive atmosphere, their love story became a timeless chapter etched in the heart of this enchanting city.